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Clinical psychologist - brief therapy, hypnosis, EMDR

I'm graduated in social psychology at the Free University of Brussels. I have also been trained with systemic approaches and ericksonian hypnosis. I provide a solution-focused support relying on the improvement of well-being in a short time.

The number of proposed sessions goes rarely beyond 10. It is primarily defined according to your needs. The therapeutic work always starts with an evaluation phase.
This important step is to collect accurate informations to define concrete work objectives and build the initial approaches to solutions.

The therapy is set in a decidedly strategic and pragmatic approach. It is a collaborative effort in order to arrive as quickly as possible to the well-being and desired change. You participate in the definition of goals and the therapy assessment.

The four main levers of change developed in therapy are:

- The adoption of a new reading of the problem opening on possible solutions.

- Learning and development of personal resources.

- Modification of interactions with our environment. These relational changes can be introduced through therapeutic actions prescribed off sessions or through role play during the interview.

The discovery of new experiences. More significant than words, the focus on new aspects of our life allows us to know us better and to incorporate changes globally. Emotional and bodily experiences complement the intellectual work.

Throughout the therapeutic process, the psychologist offers no ready-made recipe, gives no truth and even less lesson. He sets up a framework to develop changes and abilities to live peacefully.

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Thérapie brève, hypnose, EMDR
1 rue sainte Nathalie, Toulouse


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